"Without Fire (Eliza McNitt, 20m) — Another world premiere, and another film that could’ve easily been manipulative in less sure and intelligent hands, McNitt’s Without Fire is a tense and engaging portrait of a Navajo mother and daughter preparing for an oncoming storm. It’s anchored by a strong performance by Frozen River’s Misty Upham and an intuitive sense of the best way to shoot and edit to keep the audience perpetually on edge.     

- Hammer to Nail 

"From the real life experiences it draws from, to the shooting on Navajo land in Arizona, this film has a genuine and stirring spirit."

The Atlanta Voice

 "A quiet film with a measured pace and sure sense of location ... WITHOUT FIRE  is devastating and yet supremely hopeful throughout."


"This film cleverly uses the mother (Misty Upham) and the daughter (Magdalena Begay) to symbolize traditional ways of living and modern life. It shows how they can exist together to bring about change for the good of all."

- Shari Berman, Art of Brooklyn

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